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Neal's Yard Remedy

Wild Rose Beauty Balm


By: Jada Boyd

With so many skincare and beauty products on the market today, and with new ones coming out each day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a product. Some products help certain symptoms while exacerbating others. Some claim to be good for our skin, but contain questionable ingredients. So how are we to choose?
We know, you've heard it all before, and so have we. But we'd be rude not to share the treasure that is Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm, with you. This balm is truly a treasure, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you're the kind of woman who is a multitasker and you're looking for something multipurpose, then this balm is perfect. So much power packed into one pot. It is able to tackle a number of problems while still remaining effective at remedying our most pressing skincare issues.
Wild Rose Beauty Balm is not only rich in antioxidants, healing, and restorative, but Neal's Yard Remedies themselves have a great commitment to environmental sustainability. Made with 99% organic ingredients, this balm is good for the skin and made by a company that cares for the planet. Speaking of ingredients, this balm is an aromatic treat to behold. Patchouli. Rosemary. Wild rose!
The Wild Rose Beauty Balms helps to remedy some of the most common skin troubles: dryness, discoloration, and wrinkles. One of the star ingredients in this balm is provitamin A (a source of retinol).
What does retinol do for our skin?
Anti-aging (reduce fine lines and wrinkles)
Another name for Wild Rose Beauty Balm could be “the fountain of youth”. Having trouble with wrinkles? Retinols tackle that problem for you by causing the growth of new skin cells. Retinoids help the skin to produce new collage. Healthy collagen and elastin are vital in the protection against wrinkle formation.
A remedy for dry and discolored skin
Retinoids aid with dryness/flakiness and hyperpigmentation. Retinol helps to rid your face of the buildup of dead skin cells. Healthy skin cells lay the foundation for your skin to receive the moisture and nourishment that it needs.
How to use Wild Rose Beauty Balm
  1. Exfoliating cleanser
This balm comes with an enclosed Organic Muslin Face Cloth. Apply a small amount of the balm to a wet face. Use the muslin cloth to gently exfoliate away debris and dead skin, giving your face a burst of moisture and radiance. 
  1. Intensive nourishing overnight treatment
Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be worn for half an hour or overnight to achieve extra moisture. Simply rinse off in the morning to start your day with a dewy glow.
  1. multipurpose
This product is also great for dry cracked cuticles, as a moisturizing lip balm, as a highlight for cheekbones, to tame unruly eyebrows, and more.
These are only a few of the skincare benefits of Wild Rose Beauty Balm.  Maybe you’re thinking, "ok it’s good for my skin, but how ethical and environmentally safe is it?” Read on.
Care for environment
Neal's Yard’s Remedies commitment to sustainability allows you to reduce your environmental impact while improving your skin. They make their products with ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients. The website even includes a list of ingredients they avoid and why. The packaging itself is not only beautiful and elegant, but it is also environmentally safe. Neal’s Yard Remedies has a zero-waste mission. Their website shares information on how to best dispose of their products.
Beautiful skin shouldn’t come at a price to your health or the health of our environment.
Have you tried this balm? Let us know some of your favorite ways to use it.
If you'd like to learn more about Neal's Yard Remedies you can read about them here or you can purchase Wild Rose Beauty Balm here.

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