Sailor anchor tote bag & mask

Sailor anchor tote bag & mask

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Beautiful handmade anchor print tote bag and matching cloth face mask. 

 Bags can be used as a tote, lunch pale, or purse. 

Mask has double straps like a surgical mask. 

During this time the CDC has recommended wearing a face mask in order to help with the spreading of coronavirus.  

The One Piece Cloth Face Mask can help protects you against dust, pollen, pollution, smoke, and airborne illnesses. It can be worn over medical grade Mask for extra protection. 

There is no guarantee that this mask will prevent Covid-19 or any other airborne illnesses. This is to help with the spread and is a preventative measure. Please continue to practice social distancing and wash hands regularly. 

Due to health concerns no mask will be returned & refunded. If there is an issue with your order we will gladly offer a store credit. Thanks!